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Selected Clientele


Bringing Biotech to Mobile Devices

A Thermo Fisher Scientific brand, Life Technologies, commissioned a mobile app to push the boundaries of the Internet of Things (IoT) by bringing real-time data directly from DNA-processing laboratory equipment into the hands of scientists on their mobile devices. This app, developed using Xamarin, provides a suite of functionality ranging from training videos, a full e-commerce experience with lab product details, specs, images, and downloadable PDFs, and a specialized calculator for creating properly balanced solutions for use in the featured lab equipment. The piece de resistance is the live lab interface empowering the user to log directly into thermal cycling devices, ProFlex™ and SimpliAmp™, to check on their status and temperature. These devices, solutions, and mobile interface are used to conduct lab experiments, replicating a single piece of DNA into thousands to millions of copies of that DNA sequence. The app is used in cancer diagnosis and research as well as studies in genetics.

This app was awarded a Davey Gold Award and a W3 Award by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA), and was a finalist for a Xammy award.

Wealthbuilding Technology

Lexicon Systems provided consulting and development enhancements to Fidelity's Family Office Suite of software, serving ultra-high worth customers. "At Fidelity, the ability to work in teams while under extremely tight deadlines and stressful situations is imperative. Lexicon's professionalism, integrity and diligence ensure success." - Tracie Childress, Project Manager, Fidelity Investments

Estateworks: Building Bridges
Estateworks, an estate software company in Massachusetts, enlisted Lexicon Systems to build an extensible XML interface to connect to business partners. Rick Gansler, CTO of Estateworks says, "Central to our integration with Merrill Lynch, Bank of America,and Thomson, Lexicon Systems makes our complex and ambitious projects work."

Integrating Enterprise Systems: Old And New
MAXIMUS, a Massachusetts state-funded health-care vendor, engaged Lexicon Systems to interface legacy apps with newer systems.  Systems include State Medical Coverage mainframes and patient information databases.  Lexicon's designs create a more seamless workflow for clerks and customers, as MAXIMUS manages very high call volumes for services and information.  

Unifying Nationwide Marketing

Computerworld required an integrated software solution for their national sales and marketing departments. Lexicon Systems and the Computerworld IT group integrated information from numerous Computerworld sources and conferences into a single system available to the Computerworld sales and marketing force nationwide.

Evolution of a .NET Software Shop

Among the inventors of the commercial Internet as we know it, Burst Media has assembled some of the most insightful and productive tools for the management and sale of online advertising. Burst creates formidable advertising assets out of the "long tail" of internet destinations by assembling Publishing Networks, constellations of similarly-themed web sites, which advertisers and ad agencies may tap in their targeted campaigns.

Burst Media enlisted Lexicon Systems to facilitate an evolution of their product suites to .NET. Management planned to upgrade their .NET software shop to use modern, best practices. Burst now utilizes new methodologies to realize hardware, software, process, and personnel improvements which enhance their bottom line every week.


Managing 3000 Employees                          
TJX enlisted Lexicon Systems to develop reporting modules for their nationwide Time and Attendance Kronos system.  Over 3000 employees will be reported on at thirteen distribution centers.


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